Product based Loans

Product based loans


Sell any product on affordable installment basis. MFI Expert can support any product, from solar lights to smartphones

Offer your customers with product based loans - Develop lasting relationships

  • MFI Expert - Product Based Loans

Suppliers of different products can continously monitor the approved loans across the branches of Microfinance Institution, initiate shipment, delivery, service & repairs.

Offers serial number tracking, warranty claims, Third-party Pay-as-you-go Integrations, Geo-coding of customer base.


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As a pan-african cloud applications pioneer, we deliver the innovative capabilities of the cloud to help customers build new revenue streams, increase efficiency and create incredible experiences.

Everything we do is wrapped in our obsession with our customers’ success – so they can work faster, smarter and stay ahead of what’s next. The local experience we have gives us a unique chance to understand the challenges and to develop solutions that work.